Birjan D. Crispin

Credit Risk Analyst & Strategic Communications Associate

Birjan D. Crispin


Birjan Daniel Crispin was born in Ruse, Bulgaria and spent his formative years in an orphanage in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. Adopted in the fall of 2000, Birjan moved to the suburbs of Chicago where he grew up in Wheaton, IL. Growing up in a Chrisitan, Conservative family was instrumental in his faith & political formation, and it was during his time at Wheaton North High School that he became passionate about politics; and upholding the values of faith, family & freedom. After spending two years in community college, Birjan transferred to Hope College in Holland, MI where he graduated in November of 2020 with his Bachelors in Finance & Political Science, and spent time in leadership with the Hope College Republicans and served as the Chief Investment Officer with the DeWitt Center for Economics & Business’s Applied Investment Group. Birjan is a graduate as a finance and consulting fellow with the Heritage Foundation in their Leadership Academy and recently wrote his thesis on Behavioral Poverty in America today. Birjan is currently in the process of writing his first book: “Providence: The Radical Nature of Adoption”. Birjan has appeared on The Chasing Truth Podcast, The Create Worship Inspire Podcast, The Trey Cole Show and has been published in The Daily Signal as well The Holland Sentinel in Holland, MI. After his tenure with the Heritage Foundation, Birjan is pursuing his J.D. in Constitutional Law and hopes to serve on the federal bench on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Birjan is also the co-founder of the Providence Networks Foundation which seeks to serve at-risk youth and orphans around the world. In his free time, Birjan is a classical violinist, runner & coffee enthusiast. His favorite bible verse is Psalm 62:5 and attends College Church in Wheaton,IL. Birjan currently resides in Wheaton, IL.

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