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What is EXIM?

The Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) is the official export credit agency of the United States. EXIM was congressionally authorized in 1934 with the mission of supporting American jobs by facilitating the export of U.S. goods and services. EXIM recently received its longest period of reauthorization, a seven-year period that ends December 31, 2026.

When private sector lenders and insurance companies are unable or unwilling to provide support to U.S. exporters, EXIM fills in the gap for American businesses. In doing so, this agency levels the playing field, helping U.S. exporters compete globally creating more U.S. jobs.

EXIM solutions include Export Credit Insurance for businesses, Working Capital Guarantees for lenders/bankers and Project & Structured Finance (in high risk situations). Due to congressional requirements, EXIM supports exporters with a minimum of 50% U.S. content and shipments leaving the United States.

Our EXIM Guide to Export Credit Insurance is a free resource that explains what exporters should know to insure foreign receivables and take advantage of international sales.

How Can I Access EXIM Services?

EXIM services are provided by registered broker partners. Since 2005, Securitas Global Risk Solutions has been a registered partner with EXIM. Named EXIM Broker of the Year in 2015, Securitas helps exporters find the right export credit insurance program, as well as, advises and assists in the ongoing policy management. There is no additional cost for these services.


EXIM Export Credit Insurance programs include:

  • Express Insurance
  • Single Buyer Insurance
  • Multi-buyer Insurance
  • Medium-term Export Credit Insurance
  • Financial Institution Buyer Credit Export Insurance

Guide to Export Credit Insurance

EXIM’s Export Credit Insurance reduces the risk of buyer nonpayment and provides financing tools that unleash opportunity for increased export sales, allowing your business to grow without fear of loss.

Trade Finance Guide Ebook

Trade Finance Guide

This Trade Finance Guide provides practical, how-to advice in a simplified format to help achieve the goal of getting paidand effectively managing risks by doing business internationally.  

Guide to Exporting

This 250 page guide addresses virtually every issue an exporter might face: Getting things rolling, financial and legal issues, delivering your product to foreign buyers and more.

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