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  • We negotiate on your behalf with multiple markets to ensure your policy is competitively priced, provides the coverage needed, and properly endorsed.
  • If you are financing your receivables, we will work closely with your lender to make sure they are endorsed to the policy.
  • This service is free of charge to you, our client.
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Trade Credit Insurance


We are a broker of trade credit insurance, sometimes called accounts receivable insurance. This type of insurance protects companies against the threat of non-payment of commercial debt. It ensures that your company will receive its invoices reliably. With trade credit insurance, companies can be sure that:

  • Capital and political risk are managed
  • Cash flows are maintained and earnings are secure
  • Loan servicing and repayments are improved
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Political Risk Insurance


We also broker political risk insurance. This type of insurance protects companies against the threat of foreign government taking an action that would otherwise cause the insured to experience financial loss. Political risk insurance is crucial for international trade, especially in developing countries where political turbulence will negatively affect your assets. With this type of insurance you can protect against:

  • Government confiscation of property
  • Political violence and civil unrest
  • Inability to convert local currency


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Why Securitas?

As an insurance broker rather than an insurance agent, Securitas Global Risk Solutions is able to apply to multiple carriers to find the best contract, with the most coverage, for the least cost. A carrier’s agent can only advise you as to that carrier’s specific contract. We have a team of experts who are available to you 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns. Additionally, our service comes at no charge to you.

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