Trade Credit Risk Insurance In Newark, DE

Trade Credit Risk Insurance

Buyer nonpayment due to insolvency or slow pay, can have a very significant negative impact on a company’s cash flow. With the proper trade credit insurance, a company has the ability to mitigate the financial impact of buyer nonpayment by transferring credit risk to  a well-capitalized insurance company. Trade credit insurance also allows for a company to offer open account terms to international buyers, while reducing credit risk. This provides for a distinct advantage when competing globally. In some cases, buyers want to trade beyond pre-established credit limits. Trade credit Insurance allows companies to expand sales without incremental credit risk by adding coverage to existing credit lines. Trade credit insurance also enhances the receivable being financed thereby allowing a company to obtain expanded credit facilities.

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Our Services In Newark, DE

Due to the thriving economy of Newark, DE, our clients are much more protected and secured since investing in our trade credit risk insurance. According to the 2010 census, the population of Newark, DE is 31,454. In 1694, Scots-Irish and Welsh settlers founded the area of Newark, and the town was officially established when it received a charter from George II of Great Britain in 1758. Newark is also home to the University of Delaware, and the university is best known for its business, chemical engineering, chemistry, and biochemistry programs. Newark is also home to many public schools including Downes Elementary School, Gallaher Elementary School, McVey Elementary School, Jennie E. Smith Elementary School, West Park Place Elementary School, Shue-Medill Middle School, Glasgow High School, Newark High School, and Delaware School for the Deaf. Newark, DE is also home to many parks and natural areas like White Clay Creek State Park and White Clay Creek Preserve.

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