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Guide to Export Credit Insurance

EXIM’s Export Credit Insurance reduces the risk of buyer nonpayment and provides financing tools that unleash opportunity for increased export sales, allowing your business to grow without fear of loss.

Guide to Trade Credit Insurance

In this guide you will learn about options for mitigating credit risk, what credit insurance is (and what it is not), use cases, and how the credit insurance policy works.

Guide to Exporting

This 250 page guide addresses virtually every issue an exporter might face: Getting things rolling, financial and legal issues, delivering your product to foreign buyers and more.

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Reshaping Global Trade

Reshaping Global Trade

The rapid and continuing spread of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to have a significant social impact as well...

Is Global Trade in Quarantine?

Is Global Trade in Quarantine?

The outbreak and spread of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has stoked global fear of a pandemic.  Disruptions to...

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