Euler Hermes CAP / CAP+

On Oct 1, Euler Hermes released CAP / CAP+ product offering to help policyholders seize exceptional sales opportunities.  The basis of the program is to provide up to three months coverage on buyers who have been partially approved, or previously declined.  The attached press release includes additional details regarding product offering.  Please feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding this product.


CAP Launch Press Release FINAL 1.10.13

Greece Credit Insurance update

Firms Halt Insurance Over Fears on Greece


Two of the world’s biggest trade insurers said Wednesday they won’t offer new insurance cover for exporters shipping goods to Greece as they find it increasingly difficult to price such cover amid worries that the country may quit the euro zone.

Credit-export insurance ensures that exporters are paid if their client defaults. The loss of such cover is likely to have a major impact on the willingness of companies to trade with Greece, given the country’s deteriorating economy.